Who we are?

A fully-fledged Socially, Responsible and Professional Travel Company & Tour Operator focused on creating and providing comprehensive and customized travel experiences that cater to your every need to ensure that you have a truly rewarding experience.


Come to Ecuador Travel is dedicated to creating and facilitating uniquely inspirational travel experiences in the magical Ecuador´s 4 worlds: The Andes, The Amazon, The Coast and The Enchanted Islands – Galapagos, giving the discerning traveler a true sense of responsible travel sensations.

We create and deliver unforgettable experiences for our clients. In addition to extraordinary tourist destination, we introduce you to producers at the beginning of the value chain, taking fair trade to yet another level and inviting you to invest in a variety of unique products and services: handicrafts, cacao, coffee, orchids, guayusa tea and others. 


Friendly, flexible and professional team


Andres Reinoso L.

Managing Director

MBA, destination expert, tour guide, travel consultant, local entrepreneur, sports fan.


Ernesto Reinoso

Chef Officer

Lawyer, ex Executive Director of Ecuadorian Travel Agencies Association.


David Lansdale, Ph.D.

Business Development

American and Greek, U. Teacher, local entrepreneur and Ecuador destination lover.


Ricardo Reinoso

Marketing Director

MBA, marketer consultant, owner of D&R Agencia, travel fan.

Our Mission

We promote a positive change in the world through “Ecotourism as Stewardship”.  We are committed to achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of our customers by providing innovative tour packages in which the balance of benefit between travelers and communities are ensured.

Our Vision

To be a responsible and leading tour operation in Ecuador’s tourism industry; designing and operating innovative, sustainable packages that resoundingly demonstrate the positive impacts of ethical best practice.

Our Commitment

To create a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration that effectively delivers Ecuador and its many facets to our customers. In Spanish, the expression is “dejar una ligera huella “, or to leave a light footprint – by doing so, we ensure that Ecuador develops in a sustainable manner. Your visit to Ecuador through us can help to ensure this vision: Touch the lives of others, and your life will be touched!